Embrace Space

We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.



Portfolio of James Matuszak

Please visit my personal portfolio



A few select examples of web design.

Otherworld Windows

A series of original acrylic paintings.

Art & Nonsense

Web projects, art projects, nonsense projects.

Phantasy Land

Some cartoons and games and Flash experiments.

Clan Irwin Tours

Created to organize photos from several trips to Scotland.


Some design work for print production. More examples in my portfolio.

Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards

Once sold at Borders Books.

Magazine Ads

Magazine Ads

Created for different publications.

Conference Brochures


Created for some events.


Other Cards

Postcards, holiday cards and business cards.

Here's the Twist

Space Pretzel Design is the ever-expanding universe of art and nonsense, flights of phantasy, web strands and print disasters that appear as sparks on the horizon for a brief moment in timelessness and find a place in this space. Expect changes and big salt crystals.

Thanks for being here at this moment. Feel free to reach out. jim@spacepretzel.com

And here's this, just because: