Phantasy Characters

The Hero
The undisputed hero of the series, he's an accomplished swordsman, balloonist, navigator, and left-handed lute player.

The Heroine
She is also a skilled swordfighter, singer, canoeist, mountain climber and cliff-diver.

One of the many grunts and lackeys that make life stressful for our heroes.

This huge bird is strong and fearsome and hates balloons.

Pirate Captain
The pirate captain provides a sense of heirarchy and command to the lawless common pirate slobs.

Pirate Queen
Behind every great man, there's a greater pirate queen, such as this one.

Pirate King
The scourge of the seven seas, often found hiding in a tower somewhere a safe distance from shore.

First appearing in episode IV, this colorful bird often saves the day.

Pirate Parrot
Reformed from the pirate lifestyle, she still wears an eyepatch and enjoys quiet moments with her parrot companion.

These fellows are short in stature, but throw a mean spear.

Friendly Native
Under the mask, there's a friendly chap.

Helpful to those in need, and handy with a hidden sword.

Worshipper of a powerful idol whose thirst for blood knows almost no bounds.

This noble blue creature has more than once come to the rescue.

Mysterious and secretive.

Druid Priest
Powerful and commanding of the elements, and time and space.

Snow Monster
Beware this icy mountain denizen with the voracious appetite!

Wise Sage
Who is this mysterious old woman, and what are her Druid-like powers?